Korean Researchers Develop Healthy Alcohol

Alcohol presents a number of harmful side effects for who drinking. Ranging from organ damage, loss of coordination, and disorders that can lead to other dangerous things. However, for some drinkers of alcohol, drunk sensation is very tempting.

For that, Kwang-il Kwon, a Korean doctor and Hye Gwang Jeong, researchers from Chungnam National University in South Korea to develop a safe alcohol.

Unlike other research groups that focus on the manufacture of alcoholic substitute for alcohol, the two Korean scientists are researching oxygenated alcohol alcohol which is a type popular in Korea.

Oxygenated alcohol has a similar appearance with Carbonated alcohol such as beer and other alcoholic beverages. However, the main gas from the alcohol species is diatomic oxygen, not carbon dioxide.

To test, the researchers gave each of 19.5 percent and 19.5 percent alcohol oxygenated uncarbonated drink alcohol at doses of 240 and 360 milliliters of a drunk respondents.

Interestingly, those who drank alcohol oxygenated aware of between 20 to 30 minutes faster than those who drink regular alcohol. More and more oxygen is mixed in alcohol, the sooner drinkers aware of the drunk.

For example, respondents who drank 360 milliliters of oxygenated alcohol with the oxygen content of 20 ppm realized 23.3 minutes earlier than usual to those who drank alcohol in the same dose a lot. Once oxygen was increased to 25 ppm, they realized 27 minutes faster.

Tests showed that the next morning, they are rarely oxygenated drinking experience discomfort than those who drank alcohol conventional. Those who experience a hangover was not as severe as those who drink regular alcohol.

From the research revealed that the oxygenation minimize negative effects on the body. The rapid re-aware of indicate that the oxygenated drinking alcohol is processed more quickly, which means reducing the burden on the liver and other organs. Diminishing the effects of a hangover in the morning also indicate that blood flow to the brain better lower the risk of brain damage.

"Beverage alcohol reduces the oxygen-rich plasma concentrations of alcohol beverage alcohol more quickly than usual. This allows the drinker more quickly aware of the drunk, "Kwon said, as quoted by DailyTech, 14 November 2010. "In addition, this type of alcohol also reduces the side effects without reducing the sensation of drinking alcohol," he said.

Although managed to make alcohol more "healthy" for peminumnya, but has not been clarified whether these oxygenated alcohols have the same taste on the tongue and in the mouth than regular alcohol. If a successful match, the study barhasil make a major breakthrough towards drink in the movie Star Trek called "synthehol" aka synthetic alcohol.
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