kudzu extract for the treatment of addiction

Tree extract kudzu (Pueraria lobata) is being developed as an alternative for the treatment of alcoholics and cocaine addicts. Trials conducted by researchers at Gilead Sciences Inc. on rats, reported the journal Nature Medicine, proved that the extract could stop the habit of taking cocaine.

Kudzu is an ancient drug for alcoholics. Pueraria vines of the family came from Asia and has spread to most areas of the Southeast, the United States. Plants imported from Asia, to control soil erosion. 

Experiments in mice showed the extract can stop the rodents that consume cocaine. Extracts were also able to prevent a recurrence of an addiction is, after all the rats free of cocaine.

They found that extracts of the workings of raising the level of a material called tetrahydropapaveroline (THP). Addicted to cocaine make level one brain chemical called dopamine increases and THP to interfere with the situation.



Pure alcohol is not consumed by humans. Which is often consumed beverage alcohol containing similar material, usually is ethyl alcohol or ethanol (CH3CH2OH). This material is produced from sugar fermentation process that was conceived from the malt and some fruits such as hops, grapes and so forth.

Several types of beverage and alcohol content:
- Beer: 2-8%  
- Dry wines: 8-14%  
- Vermouth: 18 - 20%  
- Cocktail wine: 20 - 21% 
- Cordial: 25 - 40% 
- Spirits: 40 - 50%

As a result of usage: When a person consumes a drink containing alcohol, substance. absorbed by the stomach, into the bloodstream and spread throughout the body tissues, resulting in disruption of all the existing systems in the body.Large due to alcohol depends on various factors, including body weight, age, gender, and certainly the frequency and amount of alcohol consumed.

Moderate effect: euphoria (feeling happy and comfortable), more talking and feeling dizzy
Effects after drinking large amounts:
- A lot to say - Nausea ('neg)
- Vomiting 
- Headaches, dizziness 
- Thirst
- Feeling tired  
- Disorientation  
- Decreased blood pressure
- Reflex slowing  
Due to Use - Long Term:
- Anxiety  
- Shaking / tremors 
- Hallucinations
- Seizures
- When accompanied by poor nutrition, will damage vital organs such as brain and liver
- It is potentially creates a feeling of addiction / dependence
- The longer of use, the greater the tolerance the body so as to get
the same effect, the longer the greater the dose.

When a pregnant mother to consume, will result in babies who have a higher risk of mental development barriers and other abnormalities, and also at greater risk become alcoholics as adults.
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