Overcoming alcohol addiction

Overcoming alcohol addiction must be followed by the detoxification process, namely the process of eliminating toxins that accumulate in the body. To be effective, the process must be supported by lifestyle changes.

Detoxification is only complete, because the effort to overcome the addiction must begin with the intention of the addicts themselves. Whatever way he will not succeed if the concerned yet steady 100 percent.

If the determination was made, the process of detoxification is done by replacing body fluids or rehydration. In this process, water will shed the toxins and impurities in the body

Process will be effective if accompanied by changes in lifestyle. Some of them are as follows.

Drink more waterTo clean up toxic alcohol, one must add the consumption of fluids as much as 2-3 liters / day karen cells in the body needs fluids to function properly. While doing detoxification, adequate fluid will greatly help the immune system. The liquid also will launch the disposal of toxins including residual alcohol from the body.

Eating fresh vegetables and fruitBits of fruit juice (beetroots) berkhasian believed to cleanse the liver, while carrot juice can strengthen the immune system. To support the detoxification process, combine beet juice, carrot and apple. Cranberry juice can also be added, being able to purify the body of toxins impurities.

Consuming herbs and supplementsSeveral species of plants and herbs or supplements that contain vitamin B can help reduce physical and psychological tensions that arise during the process of alcohol detoxification. Consult with your doctor or consultant herbs, supplements what works with each individual condition.

Doing sportsThe process of detoxification can trigger depression, which can be mitigated by doing yoga or other exercise regularly. Because many of potassium released with sweat, Balance with consume more fruits and vegetables. Bananas, melons, tomatoes, citrus and green vegetables contain lots of potassium.

Keep in mind, the depression that arises during the detoxification process can lead to feeling restless and irritable. In severe conditions, side effects of detoxification can lead to tremors (shaking) or hallucinations. These conditions require sedation to be purchased with a prescription.


  1. I dislike Alcohol -.-, keep healthy.. save yourlife

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  3. Getting addicted to a drug is simple but getting relieved from it is pretty hard to achieve. Seeking help from an alcohol recovery centre is the only solution that can help you get through it.

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