Men Easy Alcohol Addiction

Anyone can be addicted to drinking alcohol. But the man likely two times higher than in women. This is mainly because after consuming beer or wine experience pleasure male brain is higher than women.

Although the process is complex, but experts suspect a long time for someone to suffer from alcoholism risk depends on several factors, including heredity and gender history.

In men, the ability of alcohol to stimulate greater release of dopamine and affect parts of the brain that play a role in regulating pleasure and addiction. Even though the amount of alcohol you drink the same, but the effect is still more powerful in men, so the risk of men to continue his drinking became larger.

In their research, experts from Columbia and Yale University compared the effects of alcohol consumption in a group of male and female college students who like to drink alcohol. They were asked to drink alcohol and then the experts do the PET scan (positron emission tomography), a technique that can measure the amount of alcohol could stimulate the release of the hormone dopamine.

Dopamine has many functions in the brain. When someone is having a pleasant experience, like having sex or taking drugs, certain parts of the brain release the hormone dopamine.

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