Signs You Already Addiction

The smoker or a drinker of alcohol may not necessarily be included in the category of addiction. There are several criteria to include them as a group of addiction. Addiction is a state of addiction. Will always dependent on drugs and could not be controlled.

Criteria for a person experiencing addiction include tolerance, withdrawal syndrome, a substance often used too much or too long than it should, time is widely used to use substances, social activities or work reduced due to substance use, and use of substances that persist despite know the problems that posed.

Tolerance is a state in which after repeated administration of doses required increasingly large to get the same effect large. 

Withdrawal syndrome is the signs and symptoms that arise when patients who experience physical dependence drug use / addictive drug is stopped abruptly. 

Can symptoms such as irritability, sweating, difficulty concentrating, or restlessness. Depending on what addictive substances used adiction lead to dependency, and will always try to use these addictive substances.  
The reason people want to use addictive substances (substances that can cause addiction, like nicotine, marijuana) are feeling happy, fly, or confident.

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